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Enine Diet team is committed to deliver high quality health and nutritional practices. We offer a variety of nutrition solutions that are designed for each client depending on his case. Awareness is a huge part of the whole process, it is not only about delivering food to the client, but it also includes educating the client on how to change his life style.

Here in Enine Diet, we try to fix people choices and behaviors; we improve their perception towards food and dieting and we also improve their choices at home, restaurants, work or even abroad. Therefore, it is a must to ensure that dieting is only a small part for our lifestyle journey. We believe that dieting cannot last, what lasts are behavior and awareness.

Prevention is better than treatment, from here we started our mission to prevent diseases rather than cure it. Our programs are designed carefully to fulfill people aims ranging from simple weight loss to managing diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and other complications. In addition, we also offer special sport programs for athletes who want to lose fat or build muscles or for general fitness and wellbeing. Therefore, we are dedicated to improve the quality of life of each and everyone who is willing to take this step.

Why Enine Diet?

  • Special nutrition programs under the supervision of a specialized practitioner and dietitian
  • Easiness of controlling and changing food choices and menu using our website and mobile applications
  • Special prices and discounts
  • Simple and easy division of interior design of the box to make your life easier